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The Czech expertise locator is an interactive database with easily accessible profiles of experts. It gives you an opportunity to learn about Czech transition experience and know-how. UNDP Country Offices in the the Europe and CIS region can apply for expert services through the Czech-UNDP Trust Fund



  Visitors:To learn more and view profiles of experts click on the sectors above (no need to sign up).

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“The fact that Czechs have been going through transition as well is invaluable support to our countries in the region. In addition, they are extremely demand driven which makes it possible to tap into top-notch expert knowledge at a moment’s notice.”

Daniele Gelz, Aid for Trade Manager, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub








"Old engineering tradition coupled with strong environmental attitudes define competitive edge of the Czech experts in the area of sustainable energy and environment.“

Marina Olshanskaya, Regional Technical Advisor: Energy, Infrastructure, Technology and Transport, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub


“The Czech Republic has plenty of experience in HIV prevention among drug users and with development of effective support network systems on the local level. Thanks to the Czech expertise, improvements for strengthened human rights of people living with HIV were integrated into Moldovan legislation - 2011, Law on Personal Data Protection.”

John Macauley, Regional HIV, Health and Development Programme Specialist, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub


“The Czech Republic’s experience and expertise in strengthening market institutions and promoting knowledge-intensive economic growth can be extremely useful to the developing world, and especially in Wider Europe.”

Ben Slay, Senior advisor, UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS

“The Czech people are very hardworking, very down to earth and humble at the same time. When presenting their reforms in the system of local government and administration, they were very modest about their achievements and very open about the issues that still remain to be solved. The Czechs also provided practical advice on SME´s support, tourism development, and decentralization.The chance of working with them should not be missed."

Malika Koyanbayeva, Programme Analyst, Governance and Local Development Unit, UNDP Kazakhstan


"The Czech Republic has valuable know-how in Flood Risk Management.

Czech UNDP Trust Fund helps to spread this long standing experience in Disaster Risk Reduction and Early Warning Systems for Floods to other countries in the region, which are in need of best regional practices. These experiences are useful also outside of our region and our joint work makes national expertise from both public and private sector in Czech Republic available regionally and globally."

Armen Grigoryan, Cluster  Lead, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change, UNDP Regional Hub in Istanbul



Czech-UNDP Trust Fund

Phone: +90 850 288 2142 













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